About Us

We believe that life is made of moments. At The Master Jeweler, we create one-of-a-kind jewelry designs to help our customers capture the special moments in their lives. 


Our goal is to revolutionize the jewelry buying experience.  Our customers deserve first-class service, high-quality gemstones and metals, and a truly memorable experience that can’t be found in a traditional jewelry store.  


The Concierge JewelerTM concept delivers a higher level of service, quality and unique buying experience for customers whose schedule and lifestyle demands a more personalized service.


Each custom piece is designed and crafted by certified professional jewelers and tailored to meet each customer’s style and budget. 


The Master Jeweler creates jewelry truly made for the momentTM 

Our Process


1. One-Hour Discovery Meeting. The initial discovery meeting is to determine the type of jewelry being designed and to discern the personality and style of each customer. We also take time learn more about the customer’s story so that unique elements can be added to the jewelry design to capture the special moment being celebrated. 

2. Presentation.  During the presentation, The Master Jeweler will present a sketch of the design. At this point, the customer can make changes and adjustments to make certain the jewelry perfectly meets their needs and expectations. The gemstones, metals and price will be finalized in this meeting. 

3. Commitment. In this meeting, The Master Jeweler will present a 3-D wax model of the jewelry piece. Once we receive final approval and payment from the customer, our certified professional jewelers begin crafting the design. 

4. Delivery. The Master Jeweler will present your custom piece within 4-6 weeks of the final commitment.